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THE WEEKLY HAPPY: March 20, 2018

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Lift Next Level Floats

“It’s time you lost your mind.” – Lift

  • What: Known as “float therapy,” Lift offers 1+ hrs of floating in a private body-temperature pool with more Epsom salt than you’ve ever experienced in your life (more salt than the Dead Sea!) and, literally, nothing else. This is sensory deprivation (unless it freaks you out — lights and music, optional) at its most luxurious. Think of it as an escape for your mind, body and soul. You’ll feel physically, emotionally and spiritually lighter afterwards. That is, if you can let go…
  • Where: Lift Next Level Floats, 320 Court Street, 2nd Floor, Brooklyn, NY, 11231
  • Why: There are two main aspects of the floating experience: the physical and the mental. Physically, it is surreal. Maybe it’s the physical therapist in me, but I could feel every section of my body that needed to release. The water was so buoyant that it was a workout to try and sink! Maybe this was a metaphor — the harder you wrestle to feel light, the heavier you become. (Guilty as charged.) Then, there was the war in my mind. I wanted to badly to “let go” completely and be far away from where I was, but I am — admittedly — not good at quieting my mind. It is especially hard when you are taking mental notes to write a review, so I battled with my mind for a good 40 minutes of the 60 minutes I was in there (though I had no sense of time). As soon as I felt I was letting go, I’d giggle to myself and think, “this is so cool…” FAIL. Nevertheless, it was a powerful experience. I learned about Lift from one of my patients, who swears by it. He has chronic neck and shoulder pain from years as a photographer, and said that he spends up to 3-hrs floating 2x/wk. Floating has done wonders for his body and mind. I can see why. But like any meditation, it takes practice to “let go.” Once you get there (nowhere), it is magic. Floating is a wellness experience unlike any other. Instead of adding to your sensory input, floating subtracts from it. It is bizarrely disorienting and both natural and unnatural in the best way. As a New Yorker, I find it nearly impossible to get quiet time — both in my own mind and in the outside world. Floating forces quiet time and challenges you to just be — wherever that is mentally and physically for you. Instead of raising your heart rate, you slow it down. Instead of trying to ground yourself, you float away. It took me about 30-minutes to gather the guts to turn off the beautiful starry night of changing mood lights and float in complete darkness (so dark that I couldn’t see my hand wildly waving in front of my face) but when I did, it was wild. It was uncomfortable in the best kind of way. After finishing your float, you rinse off in a rain shower in your own private room and are encouraged to continue the floating experience by relaxing in the post-float lounge with tea, books, and kaleidoscopes. As I learned, it’s not just about the float. It’s about how the 1-hr float carries into the rest of your day (and life). I had the best night of sleep after that float, and I’ve been thinking about it every day since. I can’t wait to go back and give “letting go” another try. Until then, I will be holding on to that float experience for as long as I can.
      • Do not rub your eyes once you’ve submerged your hands in the salt water. Ouch. Have a damp wash cloth (provided) readily available if salt does get in your eyes.
      • Ear plugs are provided — make sure you get those bad boys in securely before your pre-float shower, or you will end up with lots of salt water in your ears.
      • Get there early — there is a safety video you need to watch before you float. Thankfully, it answered all of my many questions before I was alone, which was very helpful.
      • Leave extra time afterwards to linger and relax.
      • When scheduling your float, you have the option of a pod or float room. The pods have music you can control from inside — the float rooms do not. The float rooms are slightly bigger. Both have lights that you can turn on and off, and neither has to be completely closed if you’re claustrophobic or hesitant.
  • When: Open daily from 8:30am to 10pm. Book your time via the website.
  • Happiness Ranking: 9/10.
  • Cost: $99 per 1-hr float, but the first float is $69. If you want an additional $10 off your first float (total cost: $69), shoot me a message or email with your email address and I’ll refer you.
  • Linkhttp://www.liftfloats.com/

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