Ola: A New Wave Of Wellness

Welcome to Ola.

(Before I continue, “ola” means “wave” in Spanish.)

I am so excited to be launching this new idea to help bring health, happiness and wellness into the lives of people living in NYC.

Ola combines a love of exploration and adventure with a passion for health and wellness. As an ex-travel writer turned Doctor of Physical Therapy, this is the love child of two very different pursuits. Think of it as a travel guide for the health and wellness world in NYC.

My professional background as an ex-travel writer turned Doctor of Physical Therapy gives me a unique perspective on the health and wellness world. But one thing is for sure: that sense of adventure and entrepreneurship has never left me.

Here’s the deal: Every week, I will share one new workout, cafe, juice shop, running club, profile, etc. of a place/activity/person/whatever that has proven to bring others joy. Every month, I will tally the new additions into a section called the “Monthly Happy.” At the end of the month, those options will disappear (so check in regularly!), but I’m considering creating a master list that people can access for a small monthly rate. This is all TBD, but for now — check weekly/monthly so you don’t miss out on something awesome.

There will be blog posts, reviews, crowdsourcing opportunities, and product recommendations. Basically — if it makes you happy and it’s in the health and wellness sphere (and in NYC — for now!), I want to know about it.

It’s simple: Better health and wellness comes from doing things we enjoy. If you don’t enjoy a workout, you might not do it again. There are thousands of ways to be fit, healthy and happy in NYC. Ola offers a constantly updated database of the options.

So what do you do now? Join the wave. Share your happy. Get fit. Be well.

What to expect from Ola in the future:

  • A constant stream of new ways to be healthy and happy every week
  • Favorite health and wellness-related products, workouts, shops and classes in and around NYC that have proven to bring people joy
  • The latest news about the health and fitness world, and how it relates to this new wave of wellness
  • Access to deals for workouts, products and classes that only Ola users can get
  • “Happy” Hours — meet other Ola users to find friends and workout buddies along the way!
  • … MORE! Stay tuned.

#livethedream #followtheola

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