Ola was created by ex-travel writer turned Doctor of Physical Therapy, health/fitness/wellness writer, and sweat enthusiast, Dr. Rachel Tavel, PT, DPT, CSCS.

  • Doctor of Physical Therapy
  • Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist
  • Published travel writer, editor — Huffington Post, Bustle, Self, Shondaland, Frommer’s, Viva Travel Guides, Budget Travel, etc.
  • Featured specialist — Inc.com, Mind Body Green, Men’s Health, etc.
  • BASI Pilates trained, Polestar Basic Mat Certification

How to use Ola:

  • Think of it as a travel guide to health and fitness options in NYC. I hear about about an awesome new way to sweat, feel good or relax, then I try it out and write a review. It’s about finding joy in healthy pursuits in the city — not just getting the workout in.
  • Tune in to “The Weekly Happy” for a spotlight on one new healthy activity, workout, group or product for you to try that has been proven to make others happy.
  • Tune in to “The Monthly Happy” for a complete list, updated monthly, of all the “Weekly Happy” activities, locations and products to date.
  • Tune in regularly for “Good Stuff” — a constant stream of Ola and Ola user’s favorite products, recipes, people or places to try within the health and wellness sphere right here in NYC.

Why check Ola?

  • You want to try something new
  • You’re not totally happy with your routine, whether it’s your exercise/fitness routine or just your daily grind
  • You need a little more joy in your life and you’re not sure where to find it
  • You want to meet other healthy, active, inspiring, curious, and adventurous people
  • You want more reasons to love NYC

How YOU can get involved with OLA:

  • Ola is always looking for new ideas, places and products to try. As long as your recommendation is within the health and wellness sphere and has brought you or others joy, I want to know about it.
    • If your recommendation makes me happy, I’ll promote the heck out of it
    • If you have an affiliate program, let me know
  • Share your ideas with the Ola community by using the hashtag #followtheola with any post you make on social media or email Ola directly with an idea/proposal at travelswithtavel@gmail.com.

Ola on social media: #followtheola, @followtheola

  • Use the hashtag #followtheola whenever you Tweet/Insta/Post something you think fellow Ola users might like/enjoy
  • Contact Ola if you want to help scout out locations, take photos, or form relationships with other health/wellness related companies and brands.

Ola is all about sharing the love. You share a happy healthy activity with us, give us a deal, or connect us with someone/something great, and we’ll be happy to return the favor and promote your idea/company. Just reach out, and ride the wave with us.