National Fitness Day Event: May 5, 2018!


On May 5th, health and fitness lovers, instructors, specialists, writers, doers, and entrepreneurs from all different backgrounds will come together to celebrate the 2nd annual National Fitness Day!

What exactly is National Fitness Day? Check out the official website to learn more. While you’re at it, be sure to sign up for one of the classes. There will be swag bags, amazing products to try and so many inspiring people around you. If that’s not enough, all proceeds support Girls on the Run, a non-profit that aims to  inspire young girls to find joy, health and confidence through running.

As a National Fitness Day Ambassador, I could go on and on about what fitness and good health mean to me, but I digress. I have very personal and also professional interest in inspiring others to be fit and healthy. But let’s talk about what it means to you. Take 5 minutes to just think about how fitness has affected your life… Fitness literally has the power to change lives. How has it changed yours?

Let’s celebrate fitness, health, and strong girls and women (and men!) together on May 5th at the Yotel Hotel Rooftop in Midtown, 10am-12pm.

Event details here: 



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