New York City Cupcake Run

I know, I know… It sounds too good to be true. But it’s real. And it’s happening this weekend.

The annual NYC Cupcake Run is a 5k in Astoria Park that requires runners to consume 3 cupcakes at various checkpoints along the course. It combines two of my favorite things: cupcakes and running. For the cupcake connoisseurs out there, cupcakes come from the delicious East Village bakery, Butter Lane. All the calories go directly to you, but a portion of the proceeds will benefit New York Cares.

New York City Cupcake Run on Saturday, October 21st

Details: Registration required:

When: Saturday, October 21st. Check-in at 11am. Run starts at 12pm.

Where: Astoria Park. Start line is at the corner of Shore Blvd and Ditmars Blvd (see map below).

Cost: $60. OK, so it’s not cheap — but remember that a portion of the proceeds goes to New York Cares, and you get free lunch, a drink, a cupcake goodie bag (?! I can only imagine the possibilities!), and a t-shirt in addition to the 3 cupcakes you consume mid-race. In the past, cupcake flavors have included red velvet, s’mores, and vanilla sprinkles. Just saying.

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