Ola: A New Wave Of Wellness

Welcome to Ola.

(In case you were wondering, “ola” means “wave” in Spanish.)

I am so excited to be launching this new idea to help bring health, happiness and wellness into the lives of people living in NYC.

Ola combines a love of exploration and adventure with a passion for health and wellness. As an ex-travel writer turned Doctor of Physical Therapy, this is the love child of two very different pursuits. Think of it as a travel guide for the health and wellness world in NYC. It is a carefully crafted and curated list of new ideas tried and tested by myself or fellow Ola users like you.

My professional background as an ex-travel writer turned Doctor of Physical Therapy gives me a unique perspective on the health and wellness world. But one thing is for sure: that sense of adventure and entrepreneurship has never left me.

Here’s the deal: Every week, I will share one new workout, cafe, juice shop, running club, feature, etc. of a place/activity/person/whatever (options are endless!) that has proven to bring others joy. Every month, I will tally the new additions into a section called the “Monthly Happy.” At the end of the month, those options will disappear (so check in regularly!), but I’m considering creating a master list that people can access for a small monthly rate. This is all TBD (or “in beta” as they say), but for now — check in weekly/monthly so you don’t miss out on something awesome.

There will be blog posts, relevant articles, gift ideas, reviews, crowdsourcing opportunities, and product recommendations. Basically — if it makes you happy and it’s in the health and wellness sphere (and in NYC — for now!), I want to know about it.

It’s simple: Better health and wellness comes from doing things we enjoy. If you don’t enjoy a workout, you might not do it again. There are thousands of ways to be fit, healthy and happy in NYC. Ola offers a constantly updated database of the options.

So what do you do now? Join the wave. Subscribe via email. Follow on social media. Share your happy. Get fit. Be well.

What to expect from Ola in the future:

  • A constant stream of new ways to be healthy and happy every week
  • Favorite health and wellness-related products, workouts, shops and classes in and around NYC that have proven to bring people joy
  • The latest news about the health and fitness world, and how it relates to this new wave of wellness
  • Access to deals for workouts, products and classes that only Ola users can get
  • “Happy” Hours — meet other Ola users to find friends and workout buddies along the way!
  • One-on-one wellness coaching
  • … MORE! Stay tuned.

#livethedream #followtheola

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