Floating At Lift

Maybe you've heard of it, maybe you haven't... but "floating" is the newest trend in wellness. Imagine floating in a sensory-deprivation pool of Epsom salt for one hour. Just you, the silence or noise of your own thoughts, and your body... I had to try Lift Next Level Floats for myself. Before I went, I … Continue reading Floating At Lift


Hip Hop Yoga at Y7 Studio

Hip hop yoga? What does that even mean?! You'll sweat, you'll stretch, and you'll freestyle while flowing to some hip hop beats in this energetic vinyasa yoga class. Intrigued? Learn more about Y7 Yoga Studio in this week's "Weekly Happy."

My Love Letter To The Rise NYC

I apologize for my temporary hiatus from Ola, but I am happy to return with a special first post of 2018. As some of you know, I like to participate in a little workout group called The Rise NYC. Learn more about this group of high-fiving, burpee-loving early risers by reading my love letter to The … Continue reading My Love Letter To The Rise NYC

Learn To Love The Treadmill at Mile High Run Club

Brrrrrr! It's freezing out there. Run outside if you dare. OR... Get yourself to Mile High Run Club for an awesome (warm) indoor treadmill workout that will kick your butt just enough to make you love the dreaded treadmill. Full review in this week's installment of The Weekly Happy. Check it out, and feel free … Continue reading Learn To Love The Treadmill at Mile High Run Club